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八月 2021

How to design a high-end jewelry store

2021-08-14T02:29:38+00:00 Jewelry shop design blogs|

How to design a high-end jewelry store According to international research, a high-end jewelry store has the following characteristics: first, a unique and creative design; second, comfortable environmental lighting; third, reasonable space layout. Therefore, we create a high-end jewelry store can start from these three aspects. 1. A new design concept Jewelry store design to keep pace with the times, the use of the latest trends in design concepts, highlighting the brand nature of jewelry store operations and personality, to meet the guests in the fast-paced society in the pursuit of perfection [...]

5 best ways to display jewelry to increase your sales

2021-08-06T07:23:20+00:00 Jewelry shop design blogs|

5 best ways to display jewelry to increase your sales How to let customers spot you at a glance, stop for it, and even remember you for it. In jewelry display is the primary consideration, how to highlight the design of jewelry and create a good visual marketing. When performing jewelry display and display, grasp the core characteristics of brand culture and jewelry, and use some ingenious ideas and artistic techniques to highlight the personality and brand of the product. Give 5 examples of common jewelry display methods to open up the ideas of jewelry display design. [...]

七月 2021

how to design a jewelry store?

2021-07-31T03:58:32+00:00 Jewelry shop design blogs|

how to design a jewelry store? Jewelry store design is the most exquisite in the commercial display space and can express the designer's design concept, design style and craftsmanship. The level of an excellent designer can be fully demonstrated here. In the design of a jewelry store, several aspects need to be combined. First: the jewelry showcase design. The showcase is the carrier of jewelry. The design cannot be ignored. The case is mainly about buying diamonds, noble, elegant, and upper art. The design of the showcase must be able to bring out this [...]

四月 2020

Best watch shop interior design projects in PINZHI DISPLAY

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There is a design, is the PINZHI Design, there is a Display Showcase, is the PINZHI Display showcase. PINZHI Display Co., Ltd, With 15 years of experience and countless project experiences, step by step to accumulate precipitation and explore step by step. In 2019, we used strong strength to prove that in the display showcase industry, we are the top leaders! We believe that quality is the first condition for product guarantee. Customer first is our service tenet. Have creativity, Rational use of space Is the soul of our design. The reasonable price [...]

Real top shop design and one-stop service in PINZHI

2020-06-05T08:58:16+00:00 Jewelry shop design blogs|

Shop design service for you  What are the most important to you when you are ready to open a new shop, maybe you will say theses points: 1.The quality of the showcase 2. The design strength of the supplier 3. The factory Production strength 4. Delivery date and many other common problems Also, there are many other problems, but for our PINZHI DISPLAY, these problems are just our the most basic guarantee to our customs. Now, I will introduce you point by point, only belong to  PINZHI DISPLAY’s  five characteristic! A. On-site service: [...]

Five aspects teach you to choose high-end jewelry showcase

2020-06-05T08:58:44+00:00 Jewelry shop design blogs|

How should we choose high-end top jewelry showcases? Jewelry showcases, high-end display cabinets in the showcase industry. There are two main functions of the top jewelry showcase: 1. Protection of jewellery 2. More importantly, let jewelry have a better display, attract the eyes of shoppers, and let consumers have the impulse to buy. These two points, let a lot of jewelry showcases have a high level? So how do you distinguish between high-end jewelry showcases and low-end jewelry showcases? Here, the quality display shows you from five aspects: 1. Style: The style of high-end top [...]

3 reasons that you can work with us for your jewellery store design

2020-06-05T09:00:30+00:00 Jewelry shop design blogs|

  Guangzhou Pinzhi Display Co,.Ltd Jewellery Shop Design We introduced two types jewellery display showcases in last email, then in this email, we will show our strong capability of design in this email. 1.How can we design your jewellery store base on your layout? First of all, our capability of jewellery store design is excellent and our designers are top talent in this industry. The of our design is followed: Making the basic design project. Talking about the modification and confirm the final design through the 3D rendering. Making the construction drawing and start production. Our [...]

Five knowledge on jewelry store display(二)

2020-06-05T09:01:22+00:00 Jewelry shop design blogs|

 Match the color and maintain the balance of jewelry store cabinet In the last article, we talked about the theme of jewelry. In this article, we mainly began to explain the color and balance of the jewelry cabinet. 1.How to match the color of the jewelry store? Orderly color themes give the shop a clear, orderly visual and powerful impact. In the display, more use of color to set the focus or create a balance of product display, so that it produces rhythm, coordination and layering, and easily lock the target goods. So, we [...]

三月 2020

Five knowledge on jewelry store display(一)

2020-06-05T09:01:52+00:00 Jewelry shop design blogs|

Jewelry store display knowledge encyclopedia, worth collecting!(1) The concept of store display: Store merchandise display is a kind of visual marketing technique. It relies on different display spaces, and use various props, artwork and ornaments to combine culture, art, taste, fashion, personality and other elements on the basis of product style positioning. A variety of presentation techniques that fully express the functionality, features, style, or sales activity theme of the product. The purpose of store display: The purpose of the store display is to make people (franchisees, customers) understand the attributes, functions, characteristics, [...]

Buying Jewellery Showcase

2020-06-05T09:02:45+00:00 Jewelry shop design blogs|

ARE  YOU WORRIED ABOUT BUYING JEWELRY CABINET When we were choosing a supplier to buying jewellery showcase for our jewelry store, there’s a lot of concern, It’s take a long time to choose the cabinet, today, we will take stock of some of the biggest concerns of customers when they purchasing. About the qualityTo ask customers what they are most worried about, the first choice is quality. If the quality is not good, then the cabinet are less practical, then the customers will feel that it is not worth payting for such cabinets.Then how we can [...]


2020-06-05T09:03:20+00:00 Jewelry shop design blogs|

HONG KONG JEWELLERY & Gem FAIR 21-24 June 2018   The HK Jewelry Show will be held soon. The PINZHI DISPLAY Co.,Ltd will take you ahead of time. From June 21st to 24th, 2018, HK Jewellery & Gem Fair will be held in a grand gathering of domestic and international jewelry exhibitors. The quality display will bring fashion display cabinets to this grand exhibition. During the exhibition, we will Meet with you sincerely, and there will be wonderful presentations. On June 20th, our exhibitors will travel to HK to start the layout of HK Jewellery and [...]

Jewelry showcase design style classification

2020-06-05T09:03:43+00:00 Jewelry shop design blogs|

Jewelry showcase design style classification Jewellery showcases, as the name implies, display counters for storing and selling jewellery products. Since there are many jewellery categories, they are divided into categories such as gold jewellery, jade jewellery, gem jewellery, and antique jewellery. The design style of the display cabinet is slightly different. Gold categories: Gold jewelry is exquisitely crafted and is China's most popular wedding preferred jewelry. The annual sales in 2013 have exceeded 1,000 tons. With the annual growth of gold jewelry sales, it also stimulates the development of the showcase industry. The single display, to the [...]

You don’t know the jewelry showcase three maintenance secrets

2020-06-05T09:04:09+00:00 Jewelry shop design blogs|

jewelry showcase three maintenance secrets We know that jewelry showcases are very delicate display equipment. Compared with other types of showcases, the prices of design and production are expensive. Once they are damaged, they cannot be thrown away and thrown away. In the daily use of jewelry showcases, it is inevitable that there will be accidental injuries, such as burns, burns, or cracks, yellowing and so on. When such problems occur, do not hesitate to solve 56 them and find out the correct way to deal with them. This will make it easier for the showcase to recover. Now, [...]

You don’t know the mistakes of scrubbing jewelry showcase

2020-06-05T09:04:38+00:00 Jewelry shop design blogs|

How to Scrub Jewelry Showcase Everything need maintaince, so do the jewellery display counters. The new cabinets always need scrub because there are some glue around. But the glue will disappear after several times scrub and the surface of the tempred glass and metal will be more and more clear. There are some maintains suggestion points want to share with you: 1. Keep the duster cloth clean. After cleaning, please change a new one to avoid any bad effect to the clear finish surface of the showcase. 2. Clean up the guide rail in time. There are always [...]

You must know how to choose jewelry showcase

2020-06-05T09:05:14+00:00 Jewelry shop design blogs|

how to choose jewellery showcase Whenever Jewellery is always popular and catch the people's eyes in first sight. But jewellery showcase is much important for jewellery display, like the relationship of the flowers and leafs. Three tips for you to choose the suitable jewellery display showcase: JEWELLERY DISPLAY SHOWCASE Jewellery display showcase is a kind of speical cabinets to display the jewellery. But it is not the normal cabinet, because it need unique design, popular style, high end and luxurious, then it can make your jewellery more attractive. JEWELLERY DISPLAY SHOWCASE DESIGN The design of jewellery showcase [...]