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How should we choose high-end top jewelry showcases?

Jewelry showcases, high-end display cabinets in the showcase industry. There are two main functions of the top jewelry showcase:
1. Protection of jewellery
2. More importantly, let jewelry have a better display, attract the eyes of shoppers, and let consumers have the impulse to buy.

These two points, let a lot of jewelry showcases have a high level? So how do you distinguish between high-end jewelry showcases and low-end jewelry showcases? Here, the quality display shows you from five aspects:

1. Style:

The style of high-end top jewelry showcases must conform to the trend of the times. As an important external factor in jewellery, the style of jewellery showcase directly determines the value of this jewellery, just like no one will use antique vases to set off a bunch of flowers. beauty of.

2. Color

In fact, the more appealing jewellery brands in the world, the color of the cabinets in the offline physical stores must be uniform, or it is black, or gold, or white, there will be no strange colors, because the color choice of colors It directly affects the consumer’s viewing mood. If the color is too bright, the jewelry cabinet will make the consumer have visual fatigue and lose the hope of continuing to appreciate.

3. The choice of led lights

Many jewellery showcases use simple halogen lamps, which are yellowish and consume a lot of power. LED lamps consume less power and emit cool white light. Choose according to your needs for light color. The lighting design of the jewelry display cabinet comes first from the top light source. Fluorescent lighting is often used on the inside of the jewellery display case to increase overall brightness.

In addition, cold light spotlights and LED lights are installed at the left and right corners of the front side of the counter as a supplemental light source to enhance the three-dimensional sense of jewelry. In particular, the jewelry display cabinet, through the illumination of the corner spotlights or LED lights, reflects the unique angular texture of the diamond to stimulate the customer’s desire to purchase. Jewelry stores sell more expensive items, and they must highlight the crystal clear effect. The dazzling effect can better set off the noble quality of jewelry. It is also simple and generous. After all, it must be jewelry, not other decorations. Dotted goods. The top metal halide lamp and spotlight are the main light source, and the island cabinet form is illuminated by the lamp to improve the overall lighting effect of the jewelry area.

4. Brushed stainless steel

Why do you have to use brushed stainless steel as a raw material for high-end jewelry showcases?

Jewelry is a high-end product, so it must be set off with high-end display cabinets. If you use low-end display cabinets, no one can see its value in luxurious jewelry. The so-called people rely on clothing, the Buddha relies on gold, so the jewelry must be displayed in high-grade jewelry showcase made of stainless steel, in order to bring out the quality of jewelry.

5. Collocation

A high-end jewellery showcase can definitely form a matching style with other cabinets. It will not monopolize the limelight and will not lose its original display effect. If you are careful shopping, you can generally see it, not just Jewelry showcases, including cosmetics, clothing and other shops, many cabinets are placed independently, but you carefully observe, from consumer psychology, through the showcase carefully matched.

Therefore, to buy top jewelry showcases, you must buy high-end products, because the jewelry you sell is a high-end product! So, don’t feel that some high-end jewellery showcases are overpriced and exceed their expectations. When your store is high-end, your business volume will far exceed your expectations!

We look forward to working with you to create a stylish high-end jewelry store!

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