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 Match the color and maintain the balance of jewelry store cabinet

In the last article, we talked about the theme of jewelry. In this article, we mainly began to explain the color and balance of the jewelry cabinet.

1.How to match the color of the jewelry store?

Orderly color themes give the shop a clear, orderly visual and powerful impact. In the display, more use of color to set the focus or create a balance of product display, so that it produces rhythm, coordination and layering, and easily lock the target goods. So, we need to understand the basics of color composition, the principle of color matching between jewelry and props.

The color change law of the store is based on the basic principles of color. Only by grasping the basic principles of color firmly can it be flexibly applied according to the special rules of the store.

一:Color based composition – hue , brightness and purity.

Hue: Hue mean color. Something like ‘ red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.’ Hue and color color are not related to light and shade, but purely represent the difference in color appearance.

Brightness: Refers to the brightness of the color. The amouth of light reflected by different colors is different, thus producing different degrees of light and dark.

Purity: The purity of color is also the saturation of color.

二:The color matching of jewelry and props:

Diamond Jewelry:

In most stores, diamond jewelry occupies the most important position, so the props used to set off diamond jewelry should first be black, which can best highlight the light of diamonds, but black can not be used in large areas. If it is not used well, it will affect the brand image and taste. Followed by the beige, on the fabric, suitable for the use of light-absorbing, non-reflective materials, so that you can fully focus on the brilliance of the diamond.

Gold Jewelry:

The use of soft, soft, matt fluff is more likely to reflect the brilliance of gold. In the China, red flannel is often used. According to people’s traditional feelings, red is festive, and it can bring out the elegant and noble qualities of gold.



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Jewellery store design ideas with jewelry showcase

2.How to maintain the balance of the jewelry store?

If we want to maintain the balance of the jewelry store, first of all, it necessary to confirm to people’s psychological orientation,so as to bring about the harmonious stretch of vision, stable, orderly and concise.

Using a balanced principle, products can be arranged in an orderly manner, delivering consistent visual effects. The principle of balance runs through the entire wall and the individual, and the combination display should pay attention to the relevance of the product series. Thus, there is a need to understand the various ways in which jewelry is displayed. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Left and right are balance.
  2. Rhythmic composition and harmonic composition.
  3. Left and right asymmetric display and triangular display.

As a jewelry display and the guide person in charge of the exhibition, you should understand and be familiar with the nature, function and meaning of the jewelry, so that in the process of display, each product can be better represented and the products can be combined and displayed. To balance the psychology of customer purchase.

Store display should pay attention to the problem:

  1. Do you summarize the categories of products and connect the associated jewelry?
  2. Are the materials and design styles arranged in an easily distinguishable way?
  3. Is it a messy display when the volume display is used?
  4. Is there too much goods in the place that the hand can’t reach?

According to the principle of ergonomics, the principle of spatial layout, lighting setting, flow direction guidance, size ratio, etc., is reasonably displayed.

The distance between the guides in the middle of the shop should not be less than 120 cm. The flow direction after the customer enters the door is smooth and convenient, and can contact as many products as possible. The light in the store is sufficient, no dark spots and dazzling lights, and the shopping habits of consumers are considered as much as possible. It can maximize the distance between customers and products, and trigger customers’ desire for consumption.

At the same time, you should pay attention to the basic knowledge of the jewelry counter. The guides need to master the characteristics of the counter in the specific counter layout and display, in order to fully understand the role of the counter, in order to better display the jewelry display, to achieve the best display effect.

The counters are divided into sales cabinets and show cabinets (display cabinets). The sales cabinet is mainly used to display jewellery suitable for daily mass wear and perennial sales. The length of each counter is between 1200mm and 1500mm, the height of the glass counter is 230mm~250mm, and the width is between 500mm~530mm. The overall height of the counter is between 900mm~950mm. The height of the appreciating cabinet is higher than that of the sales cabinet, which is basically between 1200mm and 1800mm, and the intermediate storage space is 500mm~800mm.

Also, pay attention to people’s practices and consensus on the types of jewelry. According to the size, use, price, etc. of the product itself, the display methods suitable for consumers to purchase and visit are also different. In general, it can be divided into: the small one is in front and the larger is in the back.

The price is cheaper in the front, and the high in the back. Seasonal product are ahead, epidemic product are in the back.


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