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When we were choosing a supplier to buying jewellery showcase for our jewelry store, there’s a lot of concern, It’s take a long time to choose the cabinet, today, we will take stock of some of the biggest concerns of customers when they purchasing.

White Jewellery Display Cabinet
jewelry display cabinet
  1. About the quality

To ask customers what they are most worried about, the first choice is quality. If the quality is not good, then the cabinet are less practical, then the customers will feel that it is not worth payting for such cabinets.

Then how we can choose the cabinet has best quality? Please See the process first, If the cabinet has the sophisticated technology, then the quality won to be bad. The second, feel the touch of the cabinet. A good cabinet feels good. The last, see the material, the quality of stainless steel and iron is different.


  1. Lead time

If the quality of the cabinets doesn’t exist, then the customer will worried about the lead time, customers often choose the cabinets when they are ready to open a store, It’s not easy to choose the favourite style about the cabinet, but worried about the lead time will delay.

The production cycle of general cabinet needs more than one month, so we can choose the supplier 1-2 month in advance. Guangzhou Pinzhi Display Co., Ltd in China is the best choose, Also we have our professional designer can meet your requirement, build your brand. Once we confirm the detail of the cabinet, then you can sit in your own office and drink a cup of coffee, waiting for your new jewelry cabinet.


  1. Payment

Cooperated with Guangzhou Pinzhi Display Co., LTd in China. How to pay the order?

We support Bank receipt, Alibaba , paypal etc.

Payment item: 50% deposit, 50% balance.


  1. Transport

How can transport the cabinet when we finish the produce?

Guangzhou Pinzhi Display Co., Ltd also work with a guarantee transport company, they can calculate the price, can shipping to more country.

Or customers can let they own guarantee transport company shipping the cabinet.

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If you have any question or other worried, you can free feel to let us know, let’s we talk more!

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