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Perfume shop design ideas from PinZhi Display

First, before you browse the article below, we want to tell you a little about perfume shop design:

The difference between a perfume shop and a cosmetics store is that the perfume shop design does not have the rigorous design standards of a cosmetics store, so you can create the style you want.

A correct color theme for your perfume store design is very important.

The colors you pick should communicate the general tone of your store.


Light pastel colors are soothing and inviting, bright colors are whimsical and playful, dark colors are more edgy.

Perfume Display Furniture is an important element of style.

It creates a comfortable yet luxurious atmosphere, inspiring customers to make themselves at home while trying different scents.

Add lighting fixtures that complement the furniture and color theme.


If your furniture is more modern, choose more modern light fixtures such as individual lightbulbs hanging from wires.

If your furniture is more feminine, put up smaller chandeliers or Tiffany lamps.

The following case is a perfume shop designed by our Pinzhi display

The main color of the customer is white+red, the style is more avant-garde.

If you are preparing to open a perfume shop and choose our PinZhi display, we will make a sales plan with your sales plan based on your actual store situation and product style, so that your sales staff can better sell your products. .

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