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how to design a jewelry store?

Jewelry store design is the most exquisite in the commercial display space and can express the designer’s design concept, design style and craftsmanship. The level of an excellent designer can be fully demonstrated here.

High End Luxury Jewelry Store Design
Luxury Jewelry Store Display Design

In the design of a jewelry store, several aspects need to be combined. First: the jewelry showcase design. The showcase is the carrier of jewelry. The design cannot be ignored. The case is mainly about buying diamonds, noble, elegant, and upper art. The design of the showcase must be able to bring out this kind of temperament. As a small and exquisite commodity, it needs more careful design of the surrounding environment to reflect its characteristics. The jewelry store is a place where jewelry is displayed and displayed, and its indoor environment art should have the same temperament as jewelry-noble, elegant, and exquisite. The jewelry showcase must be beautiful as a whole. In the case, the base cabinet of the blue leather-wrapped showcase is used with rose gold stainless steel edges. The overall feeling is very atmospheric, and it also reflects the sharp fashion of diamonds.

Luxury Jewelry Club Display Design
High end design for jewelry shop

The design of jewellery stores generally adopts small to large techniques, from diamonds to jewelry showcase design, to the expansion of the jewelry showcase design to the entire store design, forming a unified but not single effect. The case quoted classical elements, combined with modern design concepts. Rose gold stainless steel, blue lacquered glass, and titanium silver stainless steel jewelry display cabinets all unify the diamond element, which makes people linger. Solve the needs of jewelry store design and software technology application, and focus on the design concept, design principle, software technology application and production process; it reflects the modeling design, space layout, and interface material production in the project realization process. Technology, texture synthesis technology and other part of the interface three-dimensional simulation reality technology plays an important role. The three-dimensional production of the interface is more perfect, so that the customer has the immersive feeling before construction.

In addition, jewelry store design and lighting requirements are also relatively high, such as hue, brightness, heat, reflection, etc., how can we best show the dazzling brilliance of diamonds? First of all, the lamps must be LED lights, which do not generate heat, have high performance, and are not easily damaged. The adjustment of brightness, for the reflection of the object, must be dazzling without flashing, flashing without dazzling. The hue of the LED lamp in the case is a cold light source, which highlights the luxurious side of the diamond.

Jewelry store design, especially jewelry showcase design, must be professional, take the route of quality products, from small to large, such jewelry showcase design is perfect, jewelry store design can be more perfect, and the concept can be passed on to consumers. The luxury and high-end merchandise display characteristics of the jewelry store give designers more opportunities to develop their design concepts. The display characteristics of modern space allow the visual effects of the space to be fully displayed. The jewelry counters, showcases, display props are integrated with the space environment layout. The previous development design of commercial space environment and counter showcases has been replaced by an integrated design. The overall design of the overall space of the jewelry store is the development trend of modern design.

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