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Jewellery Shop Design

We introduced two types jewellery display showcases in last email, then in this email, we will show our strong capability of design in this email.

1.How can we design your jewellery store base on your layout?

First of all, our capability of jewellery store design is excellent and our designers are top talent in this industry. The of our design is followed:

  • Making the basic design project.
  • Talking about the modification and confirm the final design through the 3D rendering.
  • Making the construction drawing and start production.

Our one-stop service is highly acclaimed in the whole industry and we have strict test standard with design, production and installation.

2. How about our designers?

Frankly speaking, the designers are quite important in jewellery store design. Not only it is hard to find one designer with rich experience in jewellery store design, but also one designer who can know clients minds. What’s advantages of our designers?

1.Rich experience in this industry and high strength of design.

2.Understand clients thought, can design the satisfied jewelry store base on clients’ idea.

3. Fast design, our designers can make one design project within 2-3 days.

After getting the permit from our clients and we’d like to show you three of our jewellery store design for your reference:

There are also many styles of jewelry store designs on our website, if you are interested you can click to view!

More Style Of Jewelry Shop

3.Why our one-stop service is so excellent?

The desingers strength is one important factor, but our factory’s capability is also the top level in China. Without production department, the previous design and effort are useless.

When the clients visit our factory, all the different production department got the highly appreciation!

They feel amazing because they visited many Chinese factories, but our factory can bring the different feelings that they can work together with us without any worries.

You can view the video to find how strong ability of our factory!


Guangzhou Pinzhi Display Co,.Ltd – TOP JEWELRY SHOWCASE SUPPLIES!

Our principle is that service is the first element! If you have ideas to open a new store or new decoration, just feel free to contact us. We will provide one satisfied design project!

Thanks in advance!

Jewellery shop design

Wish you happy every day!


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