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四月 2020

Clothing shop design, these 3 points you need to know in advance

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Clothing shop interior design skills for three types clothing shop Basically, the clothing stores in the shopping mall are mainly divided into: men's clothing stores, women's clothing stores (including underwear stores) and children's clothing stores. Then, for the merchants who are preparing to open a new clothing store, there is one thing must be consider is that: how to design the store style, saving the budget? In this article, we will focus on the skills of clothing store design. 1. The first is the common skills of men's clothing store decoration: The male clothing store is decorated [...]

6 tips explain good clothing shop design ideas

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6 tips explain retail shop design for clothing When Customers step in to your store, those first few seconds they take to look around their surroundings they will decide whether they want to stay or not. This is why your retail store’s layout and design is a huge factor in getting those all important sales. The good news is that you don’t need loads of money to invest in designing your store. Even a minimal budget, when used wisely, can bring out your store’s full potential. So if you’re looking to design your new store or redesign your [...]