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四月 2020

3 Tips teaches you how to design a small cosmetics shop

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How to design a small cosmetic shop you should know these 3 tips Now, the beauty industry has become a particularly hot industry in the market. No matter how old a woman is, she will keep this beautiful heart, not just women. Now men will improve their overall image from skin care and makeup. Nowadays, the channels for purchasing cosmetics are no longer single, online malls, personal social, physical store and many other ways. Merchants can use the personal online to promote their own products by registering online malls, but the physical store is an indispensable point for [...]

Cosmetic shopping mall kiosk design concept

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Perfessional Cosmetic Kiosk Design Ideas This is the most practical guide to start a mall kiosk business. Whether you are retailer, or just wants to start a small business, you’ll love this guide. Want to start a mall kiosk business, but having no ideas? Feel it is hard to find profitable products to sell in mall kiosk? Wondering how to get a perfect custom mall kiosk design, and get it easily approved by mall management? Finally where is the mall kiosk manufacturer and builder? What is Mall Kiosk? A mall kiosk (also referred to as retail kiosk [...]

Perfume shop&kiosk design ideas, find suit you style

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Perfume shop design ideas from PinZhi Display First, before you browse the article below, we want to tell you a little about perfume shop design: The difference between a perfume shop and a cosmetics store is that the perfume shop design does not have the rigorous design standards of a cosmetics store, so you can create the style you want. A correct color theme for your perfume store design is very important. The colors you pick should communicate the general tone of your store. Tips: Light pastel colors are soothing and inviting, bright [...]