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Jewelry store display knowledge encyclopedia, worth collecting!(1)

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The concept of store display:

Store merchandise display is a kind of visual marketing technique. It relies on different display spaces, and use various props, artwork and ornaments to combine culture, art, taste, fashion, personality and other elements on the basis of product style positioning. A variety of presentation techniques that fully express the functionality, features, style, or sales activity theme of the product.

The purpose of store display:

The purpose of the store display is to make people (franchisees, customers) understand the attributes, functions, characteristics, quality, style and grade of the good within a certain range of the product display space or the sales space, attracting attention, leaving an impression, and producing closeness. The desire to maximize the display of the good to stimulate the sales of goods, create brand influence, and spread the brand culture.

The basic principles of jewelry display:

In addition to the basic elements of the display (easy to select, improve freshness, enhance value, attract attention, etc.), in addition to the overall display, there are more important functional elements, including theme, focus, balance, proportion, composition, Colors, spatial planning, consensus practices, repetitive effects, capacity planning and serialization, and other principles of ergonomics, they are used in the basic operations of display and display.

Adopting these principles will help you arrange a series of products from a holistic perspective, giving the most prominent positions of featured products, and matching different types of products. There is only one purpose for the overall refinement and richness of the overall display, so that possible sales can be reached as soon as possible.

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  1. Theme:

From the display effect of the entire store, customers can feel the brand culture of a brand, that is, a brand’s style, product positioning and market positioning. The theme should change with the festival and the promotion. When the festival changes, the display effect of the entire store allows the customer to clearly know the main promotion of the festival and the main promotion category; in different promotional activities, the customer can clearly know the specific content of the promotion.


(1) Shop jewelry display needs to be updated frequently:

The display of jewelry stores needs constant new changes, but this requires standard management. As the store manager, you must start from the following aspects to manage the store’s display routinely. First of all, new products are developed regularly, and the cabinets are replaced with new light boxes. Second, reset the normal product display pattern every month. You can re-display according to the style of the product, or adjust the goods, and adjust the inventory of goods and the goods on the shelves to increase the freshness.

Be sure to set the focus for each display surface to highlight the theme. The focus is usually on some of the representative models in the series, supplemented by matching products, thereby emphasizing the importance of jewellery classification and display.

The jewellery sold by similar brands in the industry is gradually similar, that is, similar products can be bought at different prices in different stores. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize the classification and display methods of jewellery to highlight the characteristics of their own brands. , to establish their own brand’s unique style and credibility, to beat the competition. At this time, jewelry display has become an important strategy.

(2)Basic requirements for store planning:

Hot zone: high flow, high visibility, suitable for hot products, new products, festival promotion.

Warm zone: medium flow, medium visibility, suitable for placing items that are sold all year round, such as pendants and rings.

Cool area: medium flow, low visibility, suitable for placing products with weak purchasing power, such as bracelets and bracelets.

(3) Focus setting of the counter:

The most visible location, showing some representative, luxurious and exaggerated goods, products that reflect the strength of the store.

Easy to see location, gold display space, display some distinctive, high-profit goods.

You can see the location, display some stable sales, standing goods.

(4) Principles of window display:

Consider the customer’s sight: When people see things, they naturally look up from the top down. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the visual focus to capture the customer’s sight. To clearly display the products, we must let the customers understand the style design, material and wearing feeling of the jewelry.

Simple composition: The number of jewellery in the window space should not be too much, and the combination of type and color should not be too complicated, and it should be simple. It is persuasive to focus on the goods that you want to be seen.

The Importance of Blanks: Make jewelry stand out among the many jewels. Appropriate white space is important because blanks can cut off other things and focus on the jewelry to be highlighted.


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