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Clothing shop interior design skills for three types clothing shop

Basically, the clothing stores in the shopping mall are mainly divided into: men’s clothing stores, women’s clothing stores (including underwear stores) and children’s clothing stores. Then, for the merchants who are preparing to open a new clothing store, there is one thing must be consider is that: how to design the store style, saving the budget?

In this article, we will focus on the skills of clothing store design.

1. The first is the common skills of men’s clothing store decoration:

The male clothing store is decorated in an open style. If it is a sportswear clothing store, highlight the sports elements; if it is a business menswear store, highlight the business style. You don’t need to have a lot of colors and items, and you don’t need any decorations to highlight the simple style.

men's clothing shop design

2. Women’s clothing store interior design skills (including underwear store)

Fashion women’s clothing store decoration style must be beautiful romantic, dreamy feeling. In addition to pink and purple, there are also brilliant colors to express women’s pursuit of life. In short, women’s clothing store decoration should meet the female preferences, highlighting female characteristics.

clothing shop interior design

3. Children’s clothing store interior design skills

Children’s clothing store decoration style, to highlight the childlike childlike fun, you can put pictures of cartoon characters in the small cabinets and walls, as well as a variety of cartoon sheep dolls and a variety of small toys.

clothing shop decoration

At last, the most important is that suit for your shop and clothing style, so, if you are ready to open a new clothing shop, we can design layout, 3d draws and production clothing shop fixtures. And we can provide to you a free design plan for your shop, just contact us and get your own shop design plan!

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