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How to Scrub Jewelry Showcase

Everything need maintaince, so do the jewellery display counters. The new cabinets always need scrub because there are some glue around. But the glue will disappear after several times scrub and the surface of the tempred glass and metal will be more and more clear. There are some maintains suggestion points want to share with you:

1. Keep the duster cloth clean. After cleaning, please change a new one to avoid any bad effect to the clear finish surface of the showcase.

2. Clean up the guide rail in time. There are always some dust around the guide rail which is not good for the sliding of the cabinet door. Then the life time of the showcase is not long.

3. Choose the suitable detergent. To keep the shinning surface of the display cabinets, you can choose the display cabinets wax spray and cleanning detergent.

4. Eliminate the scratch on the cabinets surface. If there are some light scratch on the showcase, please don’t worry, usullay speaking using the duster cloth is enough. If it is heavy scratch, please use iodine or petroleum jelly on it and use clean duster cloth to wipe it in next day.

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So where are the erroneous areas where many jewelry companies wipe jewelry showcases?

When we buy the jewellery display showcases, we pay more attention on the design and quality, because that is revelant to the display effect. But if you want the display showcase with longer life span, maintenance is much important. Some wrong ways to maintain the display cabinets not only can not get the maintain effect but also getting some damage for them. Now, our Pinzhi Display Co., Ltd want to share five ways to maintain the cabinets. Please check whether you get the right maintenance for the cabinets.

1. Please don’t try to use soap water to clean the display cabinets. Because it can not clean the dust and it is a kind of corrodent which will get damage of the showcase.

2. Please don’t put your showcase under the sunlight, because the appearance will be changed or the surface fall off after a long time.

3. Please don’t use wax products on the surface of showcase, if you don’t use it with right way, there are some vaporific points on it.

4. Please don’t use the dry dust cloth to wipe the showcase, that makes the surface of the showcase is not shinning enough.

5. Please don’t use the coarse cloth or old cloth to wipe it to avoid any scrach.

So, get rid of the original wrong wiping method and make the jewelry cabinet more and more beautiful!

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