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Project Description

Sunglasses shop decoration design with display


What can we offer for optical interior shop design?


For the optical shop design customers, we can provide the following services:

1.Our designers and sales staff can go to your store to make size measurements.

2.We can provide free design for your floor plan.

3.We provide on-site installation services including going abroad.

4.The displays can be customized by any style,any size,any color,any materials,any craft,fitting your project.

5.Our packing are strictly according to the International standard to ensure delivery to your destination without any damage.

6.Our designers can take a sketch to a 3D SolidWorks model or live prototype quickly.We can offer performance and durability testing,3rd party certification and field testing to further ensure the compliance and performance meet your requiment.

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The inspiration of design always comes from the environment we live in.

Our five designers have an average working years of more than 5 years

And we have cooperated with many well-known design companies at home and abroad. As long as the designed works can satisfy customers, no matter how much time we cost, we are willing to!

Moreover, our designers are very efficient, with an average of 2.3 days to complete the work, customer satisfaction reached 98.6%, there is a video to introduce our design.

If you have a good idea about designing a shop here, you can discuss it with our designers and we will respect your proposal all the time.

A good factory is always a guarantee of product quality!

Our factory’s production capacity is at the top level in China.

Our delivery period is usually 25-35 days.

Why can our showcase achieve customer satisfaction of 98.6%? Cause the workshops in our factory are strictly controlled, supervised, and which workshops have problems in production, they can be modified or redone in the first time. This is almost impossible for suppliers in China, only USA can do that!

Similarly, our sales staff will regularly update pictures or video for you to keep you informed of the production progress of your products.

Sales people and production staff are united and committed to customer service, which is the quality assurance of the products we produce for our customers!

In order to earn our customer’s trust, we have specially prepared this video for reference.

our factory
our factory
our factory's worker

What can we offer for you?

We offer three years of non-human damage free maintenance!

Whole store design customers, we can provide on-site installation!

More than 15 logistics companies that work with us are ready to provide you with logistics services anywhere in any country. If you have a designated freight forwarder or local carrier, we are very happy to hand over the logistics to the company that gives you peace of mind. Everything for your convenience!

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