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PINZHI DISPLAY Designer Leadership Team

Top design team, top design ideas.

The experience of life is the source of design inspiration

Designer ideas of jewelry shop

Here we are going to introduce our design department, our company has 5 experienced designers.

Professional strength, efficiency, and design style innovation trend. According to the data survey.

our design drawings can be completed in an average of 2.3 days!

And the customer satisfaction level is 98.6%!

Welcome to share your ideas with us

We believe that all good ideas are derived through communication.

if you are ready to open a new shop, you can contact us and share your ideas with us, our designer will design the style you want based on your ideas.

and we hope we can help you when confused about shop design style!

No matter which aspect you have any questions, contact us and our designers will contact you.


PS:Your email will be received by the sales director and design director, and we will contact you within 2 hours on work time!