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Congo Boutique Clothing Store Design Project

Clothing Store Size:

1,200 ㎡

Clothing store Design requirement:

This boutique design was designed for man clothing, lady clothing and lady bags.

It mainly using wall shelves for clothes and metal display racks and stands, with white and pink baking paint.

Clothing store design ideas:

By Pinzhi Display designer–We choose different color to divide Man and Women.

Timber with rose gold stainless steel make the cloth have high end feeling. White color make the lady area looks modern and fashion.

Project time:

15 days for design + 45 working days for manufacturer

African Congo Clothing shop layout

Fiji Men’s&Women’s Clothing Store Design

Clothing store size: 5,000 sq ft space.

Location: PNG

Clothing store design requirement:+

To make the shop with Easy change shelf and colorful area. With window display and shelf.Also required to have oversea installation serves.

Clothing store design ideas:

Design by Pinzhi Display designer: After Clothing display space layout and channel space arrangement, we discussed and designed from Wall showcase  – shelf – Stand to counter. Also choose material according to the weather of  country PNG.

Clothing store case process:

This boutique design was designed for man clothing, lady clothing. It mainly  use wall shelves for clothes and metal display racks and stands, with white baking paint.

Completion Time:

It took two months from design to installation. And 5 days for oversea installation.

Fiji Clothing shop 3d 1
Fiji Clothing shop 3d 2
Fiji Clothing shop 3d 3
Fiji Clothing shop 3d 4

Women’s Clothing Store Interior Design

Clothing store size:

50 ㎡ Small women’s clothing shop.

Clothing store design ideas:

Pinzhi Display designer-For small cloth shop, We more consider about the lighting and the showcase arrangement.

How to make each cloth looks luxury and nice arrangement.

Clothing store case process:

This lady clothing store is fashion and simple design style cater to young consumers. The clothes store displays, including wall hanging shelves, floor standing clothing display racks, glass showcase, reception units, nesting tables, platform, manikin displays, shop counter, spot lights.

Completion Time:

It took 1.5 months from design to installation.

China clothing shop design 3d 1
China clothing shop design 3d 2
China clothing shop design 3d 3
China clothing shop design 3d 4

All-in-one shop service

We Design&Create

The process of conceptualizing an idea into a product is the fundament of product design. It brings distinctions on a competitive market.

Mastering digital tools allow us to communicate, product concept, 2D concept, 3D rendering, and technical drawings to quickly analyze, visualize and actually produce tangible ideas at an early stage.

Our service provides several layers of communication, from creating a logo, illustrations, graphic design for digital or print to the final press release. More than just simply serving what you asked, we will always share our experience over the years and creative ideas from our team of designers. We want our expertise leveraging your product and consequentially your company itself.

(PS: If you don’t have shop layout floor plan, we can free design shop layout floor plan for you!)

3d draws

We Manufacture

Since 2003, Pinzhi Display from a small workshop to a factory with 2,000 square meters and more than 100 workers. We step by step to improve the department of our factory, now we have following workshop: carpentry workshop, polishing workshop, fully enclosed dust-free paint workshop, hardware workshop, glass workshop, acrylic workshop, assembly workshop, warehouse, factory office and showroom.


Before shipment we to clean every storefront, pearl cotton packing, the side impact protection, with thick foam packing, closed nailing solid wood packaging, final mechanical loading shipment.

Transport: we also provide sea, air, one-stop service.

(PS: No matter how big your store is, where your country is, as long as you need us, we can provide on-site install guidance!)

We are Outlets partners

We partner with Outlets and there are three types in total, one of which is the clothing shop design and production.

These are our design draws, including men’s and women’s.

And we can provide install service, all-in-one shop service.

The most important is we can provide real factory price with high-quality display showcases and shelves, so we can become your sincere partner.

Whether you are customize stand-alone display showcase or ready to open a new store, we can tailor the best implementation plan for you.

PINZHI DISPLAY, help you build up your brand!

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PINZHI DISPLAY–Build Up Your Brand

We are PINZHI DISPLAY, showcase manufacture from China, established in 2003 with more than 15 years of production experience!

Our factory and company are located in a modern metropolis in Guangzhou, China. We are the showcase manufacturer, mainly engaged in jewelry showcaseswatch showcasescosmetics showcasesclothing showcases, glasses showcasessupermarket display shelves and digital showcases, etc. Our factory There are 200 experienced workers, advanced production machines and 10,000 square meters of factory buildings. Our company has a large number of sales staff, they are strictly selected, good service attitude, high professionalism, and sales talks with our company, you I will feel more comfortable and rest assured than ever before.

Here we are going to introduce our design department, our company has 5 experienced designers. Professional strength, efficiency, and design style innovation trend. According to the data survey, our design drawings can be completed in an average of 2.3 days, and the customer satisfaction level is 98.6%.